DRGCOMM Productions Shut Down

In the spring of 2016 Gregory Fox was involved in a traffic accident and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. Since that time all production and creative services at DRG have been on hold or suspended. Greg has been through speech, occupational and physical therapies. He has also been cared for by neurologist and psychotherapists. As of todays date the recovery is still in progress. "Right now it is better for me to imagine than remember", Greg comments. Most likely any future work would have to be on a consulting basis as problems with short-term memory have been a hurdle to future producing, project management and editing. Greg works towards full recovery but the progress is slow. You are welcome to contact Greg through this sites contact point for any inquiries.


DRG Gains Commissions from International Electronics Firm

International Electronics firm Schneider Electric has commissioned a series of videos with Gregory Fox for their marketing efforts. The commissions came about from previous work done for Portland Veris Industries, which is owned by Boston based Schneider Electric. The work commissioned in late 2105 and early 2016 consisted of product premier videos for a variety of products.

DRG Gains Second Commission from Veris Industries

The year starts off with a bang with another product/trade show loop for Veris Industries. Maker of high quality electronic devices. The silent running video introduces new products to trade show participants with motion graphics and text to reinforce quality and functionality. It is my wish to continue to create high gloss work for this successful company.

Rush Job Completed

DRG recently completed a product video for Veris Industries. The fast track turnaround took less than three weeks. This is the first in a ever expanding series of product features.

The Robertson Group Commission

Final editing was recently completed for a video production for consultants the Robertson Group. Shot in a single afternoon, the production is a good example of the LittleFilms for small business service available from DRG. See our LittleFilms page or better yet contact Greg for more information.

DRG Wraps Columbia Regional Programs

On April 22, principle shooting on a commission for Portland Public Schools partner Columbia Regional Programs wrapped. The schedule consisted of interviews with Senior Director Lisa McConachie, other staff, plus instructors, parents and students that participate in this unique educations program for disabled children ages 0-20. Post-production was completed June 2015.

LittleFilms Maiden Production

DRG's new small business video service get started. We completed a project for Debbie Thomas Real Estate in the Pearl District. After committing to participate, the involvement for Debbie was thirty minutes in front of the camera for an interview with me. We handled the rest of the production by spending three hours recording the scenes of her business and the Pearl District, which is her “product”. We edited the video in six hours the next day and it was ready for their website. Please see our LittleFilms page for more information.